The Spa


We have chosen a selection of quality products and rituals to satisfy your wishes and well being. Indulge yourself in an unforgettable sensorial voyage. 

Opening hours
Open on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9.30am to 1pm and 3.30pm to 7pm or by appointment.
On Tuesday and Wednesday, the concierge is happy to help you.

- Our large pool of 200 m2 with solarium and sea view are the first steps toward relaxation. 
- Enjoy a snack in our pool restaurant or relax with a cocktail at the pool bar.
- Come and see our Lancaster solar products in our Spa.


The philosophy
NIANCE®, as a genuine premium Swiss brand, is synonymous with highly-effective and utterly pure first-class skin-care, and innovative, dynamic concepts in the luxury anti-aging skin-care sector. NIANCE® supplies effective products and holistic treatment methods for visibly rejuvenating the skin.

Luxury treatments
In addition to the premium anti-aging products, NIANCE® developed the NIANCE® luxury treatments, celebrating the secret of NIANCE®. Latest insights of Swiss skin research combined with the natural power of the Swiss mountains make NIANCE® so extraordinary. This distinctiveness is reflected in the holistic NIANCE® luxury treatments with its unique components. The NIANCE® luxury treatments are composed on the base of a particular breathing exercise, NIANCE®-mineral water, the Swiss Mountain Elixir® and the magic power of the NIANCE®-rock crystal. In combination with specially developed NIANCE® relaxation and massage techniques the incomparable products merge into a truly wonderful composition and harmony between body and soul. Indulge into a world of luxury and relaxation.
Body Treatments
With its luxury NIANCE® anti-aging body treatments, NIANCE® developed a holistic concept for innovative multi-results: anti-aging, slimming, shaping, firming and anti-cellulite.Experience the unique NIANCE® luxury body treatments that appeal to all senses while high-tech ingredients take their effect.

Woman Body Treatments

Men Body Treatments